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We Are The Caretakers is Heart Shaped Games’ new strategy game available now on Steam Early Access after nearly three years of development. On the surface, it’s a sci-fi game, with masked heroes working to fight extraterrestrial threats, but when you play it, you’ll find a more profound metaphor about animal conservation and working together to save our planet, along with a desire to give 10% of game revenue to save rhinos. …

Today we’re announcing some changes to our level of support for Highgrounds, our long-running web multiplayer CCG. While the good news is these changes allow us to keep the game website publicly accessible, it will mean a reduction in support and functionality for the game going forward.

We need to make these changes due to a variety of factors. First, as you may know support for Flash (the technology the game is built on) in most web browsers is ending after December 2020. Second, for many years now Heart Shaped Games has been paying more in server/hosting costs than we’ve…

It’s hard to believe, but October 2020 marked 10 years of making games at Heart Shaped Games! We’re celebrating the milestone with a brief retrospective on our work as a studio so far, and some exciting game announcements. We have updates to our released games, new platform releases, new merch, and news about what’s in store for our upcoming sci-fi strategy RPG in development, We Are The Caretakers.

Celebration Announcements

Hero Generations: ReGen Gets a New Update With Easy Mode!

Hi everyone,

As I’m sure you can understand, 2020 has thrown a wrench into our best-laid game dev plans. While we feel fortunate to have already been working remotely, the challenges of this year affected our work routines, event & release plans, and overall productivity in significant ways. Many of us are juggling childcare at home alongside our work, and handling many other personal and professional difficulties. Plus, it’s important to us that we don’t crunch just to meet a deadline, or rush the game out and sacrifice quality.

All of this means that although we’re continuing to make great…

Hello! It’s been awhile since we gave an update on We Are The Caretakers. Much of the team was extra busy preparing for various industry events and working hard on features for our IGF submission earlier this month.

We Are The Caretakers on display at IndieCade 2019

Last week Stephen attended PAX Australia, and Scott and Xalavier attended IndieCade in Santa Monica, California. In addition to showing WATC at IndieCade, Scott spoke as part of a panel on running Kickstarters, and Xalavier ran a Night Game called “Fulfillment.” We were able to show We Are The Caretakers in the “Game Tasting” area, and received some good feedback on our…

I’m Scott Brodie, Founder & Creative Director at Heart Shaped Games. Our team recently returned from running its first PAX East booth, and since we benefited from the advice of other indies in our preparation, I thought I’d share our experience too. This was our first booth at a major convention despite being in business for 8 years, so it was a big step and investment for the studio to make. If that wasn’t daunting enough, we decided to also surprise announce our new game, We Are the Caretakers, on the first day of the show! So was it a…

Highgrounds Update From Devs (Archive From Forums — 3/15/17)

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve responded in the Highgrounds forum — we’re a small team that’s trying to accomplish a lot across all of our games, and it’s easy to miss some of the conversation that happens here. I’ll definitely work on participating more often.

I want to address a few threads that have popped up asking why we have not continued with updates to the game over the past year. We’re all about being open and honest, and in Highgrounds case it has very little to do with…

Put together by one of our community members, Impronoucabl

Every time you win a battle with a commander in your army, that commander earns XP. This includes campaign battles, ghost battles, random PvP battles, basecamp battles and battles that you initiate via the leaderboard. No XP is awarded for beating someone who you challenge directly via username or friends list, which is how the vast majority of games like Highgrounds work, mainly because of cheating as we’ve previously discussed.

Your first commander has a maximum level of 25. Once you’ve gotten your commander most of the way 25, a second…

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately due changes in the Armor Games and Kongregate platforms we are unable to support, and as part of our overall updates to our web games and sites in response to the new EU GDPR policies, Highgrounds will no longer be available to play on either sites as of May 31st. We want our Armor Games and Kongregate Games players to be able to continue playing Highgrounds our main website,, and have put together a support system to help you make the transition. Here are the details:

To be clear, this only affects players on Armor Games…


Founder, Creative Director at Heart Shaped Games. Games: Making We Are The Caretakers, Hero Generations, Brave Hand, Highgrounds.

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